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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm wanting to ride a motorbike or scooter, do I need to have provisional entitlement on my driving licence before I can take any lessons or do the CBT?
    Yes you do need to have provisional entitlement on your driving licence specifically for motorbikes before you can take any lessons or do the CBT. Please click here to visit the DVLA website for more information and to apply for your provisional licence.

  • I work every weekend so I'm not able to do the CBT at weekends, do you run the CBT course during the week at all?
    Yes we run the CBT 7 days a week, subject to availability.

  • How long is the CBT course?
    The CBT course is usually done in one day, but we will not pass you if we do not feel you have reached a safe standard. However you will be invited back to work on areas that are needed in order to complete the CBT, usually at no extra cost to yourself, terms and conditions apply.

  • I don't have a helmet or gloves etc, do you supply these and if so how much are they to hire?
    Yes we supply helmet's and gloves at no extra cost. However we do ask that you wear jeans as minimum protection for your legs, and that you also wear a strong pair of boots and not trainers. Please also ensure that the jacket you wear offers adequate protection.

  • I work away and I'm only home for short periods of time, do you offer any kind of intensive courses so that I can get my full motorbike licence?
    Please telephone us on: 07306 154 963 and we'll be happy to discuss the best options and course for you.

  • I'm over 24 years old and have a full car licence which I've held for 6 years, I now want to get a full motorbike licence, what do I need to do and where do I start? Also what would be the largest bike I could ride after passing my test?
    Firstly you will need to have provisional entitlement for motorcycles added to your driving licence. Next you will need to do a CBT course (which is usually 1 day). After passing this you will then need to do the Motorcycle Theory Test before taking lessons.
    There are now two stages to pass before you can obtain a full motorcycle licence, these are MOD 1 and MOD 2. MOD 1 is done of road and consists of manually wheeling the bike from one position to another, doing a U turn, cornering and controlled stop, doing a slalom figure of eight, and hazard avoidance. Once you pass MOD 1, you then do the MOD 2 which is the road test.
    Because you are 24 years old or over there is the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) which means that if you take your MOD 2 test on a motorbike which is over 595cc (and has a power output higher than 54 BHP), then you can ride any sized bike after passing your test. Please see our courses page which explains all these stages in more detail.

  • Do you offer any package deals for doing the CBT, then lessons? Yes we do, we tailor our packages to suit individual needs & requirements. Please give us a ring on 07306 154 963 to discuss your requirements and then we will be able to give you a better idea of the cost etc.

  • I completed my CBT course early last year. How much would it be to get a full motorbike licence?
    It's impossible to give you an exact price as it depends on many things; such as rider ability and previous driving/riding experience. How many lessons you will need will depend on you and your riding skill & abilities, in addition to other factors such as have you been riding a smaller bike and now want to pass a test on a much larger machine. Some people adapt to a larger machine very quickly whereas others take a bit longer and need more lessons.
    Please give us a ring on 07306 154 963 where we can discuss your requirements and arrange for you to come down to the school for an assessment.

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